ToneDef is a small, powerful, web-based open-source tone dialer featuring full DTMF, blue box, and red box modes. A small slice of phreaking history! See also: the original native Android port.

Reddmo is an HTML5 toy that automatically generates a random magazine cover using the images and headlines linked to off of Reddit. The cover can be customized to use content from a specific subreddit, or from the front page. Admittedly, the outcome is hit or miss, but this was a seriously fun toy to hack […]

An unauthorized port of Neave.TV from Flash to HTML5, with additional video content! I stumbled onto Neave.TV last night and watched it until the clips rolled over to the start again. I noticed it was written in Flash, and since that tech is on it’s way out, I wondered how easy it would be to […]

What happens when two movies on Netflix collide? This toy attempts to recreate the famous movie synopsis bug on Netflix. It’s not perfect, often unfunny, but it’s still being hacked on. Enjoy!