You’re a tank in a pit of abandoned Christmas junk! Are those rocks? Are they coal? It doesn’t matter: everyone is naughty in the XMas Pit. And the Snowmen are about to judge you harder than an anonymous teenager on the internet.

Bucking the theme for Ludum Dare 31, I wanted to create a tank battle game inspired by the original ‘Battle Zone’ arcade game. It started out that way, and got…christmassy early on.

Known Issues

  • Player can roll upside down under the right conditions.
  • Snowmen aren’t too smart.
  • WebGL build shows plenty of visual quirks and artifacting.
  • Snowball physics could be a lot better.
  • Could use loading screen between title and game.
  • Lots of other, smaller things. Not fixed because I have to move on to other things.

(The verison on is the original, unmodified LDJAM version lacking many post-jam updates.)