From the official NECS description:

“The Electronic Warehouse Manager is the productivity tool which every food distributor needs to automate their warehouse operations while reducing or eliminating time consuming office tasks. It runs on economically priced Android devices with Bluetooth barcode scanners to change your warehouse processes to a real-time, paperless environment. It’s easy to use touch interface and intuitive design make it easy for the average employee to pick up and become proficient with little or no training. It fully supports barcode scanning, can connect with Bluetooth enabled scales for distributors who weigh product, and you can print customer picking labels as line items on a customer’s order are filled. The Electronic Warehouse Manager is one of our most exciting new software applications to be offered because of its ability to bring speed and accuracy to warehouse operations while reducing warehouse and office staff. It also improves your reputation for reliability by having accurate orders that go out correctly the first time, while eliminating customer “special runs” to correct critical order picking errors.”

One of two people working on this, I was involved in creating and maintaining the Android client with it’s native activities and Bluetooth drivers. I was also involved in working on portions of the Sencha Touch interface.

This project required reverse engineering of the API for several barcode scanners and printers.