WARNING: VERY NSFW! Despite all reason, you can now carry around a fraction of your favorite sound bites from Destructoid’s classic Podtoid podcast with you everywhere…simply because you can! Now, you too can share my massive guilt of only having a handful of Conrad Zimmerman clips, while Jim Sterling dominates the list. The bloody bastard. Features clips from “The […]

Slack-infused master of sales J.R. “Bob” Dobbs took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, but it turned out for the best: now he lives rent-free inside your Android Wear-powered wrist-watch! Carry him around, talk sweetly to him, and maybe he’ll pay you back with the favor of {{{{TIME CONTROL!!}}}} What’s more: tap the watch face to see how long you […]

ToneDef is a small, powerful open-source tone dialer featuring full DTMF, blue box, and red box modes. Dial using the keypad buttons, enter a predefined sequence for automatic playback, or select an entry from your contact list. Newer releases include an ever-growing bank of international tones. A small slice of phreaking history! UPDATE: An HTML5-based version of this tool […]