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ToneDef is a small, powerful open-source tone dialer featuring full DTMFblue box, and red box modes.

Dial using the keypad buttons, enter a predefined sequence for automatic playback, or select an entry from your contact list. Newer releases include an ever-growing bank of international tones.

A small slice of phreaking history!


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You’re a tank in a pit of abandoned Christmas junk! Are those rocks? Are they coal? It doesn’t matter: everyone is naughty in the XMas Pit. And the Snowmen are about to judge you harder than an anonymous teenager on the internet.

Bucking the theme for Ludum Dare 31, I wanted to create a tank battle game inspired by the original ‘Battle Zone’ arcade game. It started out that way, and got…christmassy early on.

Known Issues

  • Player can roll upside down under the right conditions.
  • Snowmen aren’t too smart.
  • WebGL build shows plenty of visual quirks and artifacting.
  • Snowball physics could be a lot better.
  • Could use loading screen between title and game.
  • Lots of other, smaller things. Not fixed because I have to move on to other things.

(The verison on is the original, unmodified LDJAM version lacking many post-jam updates.)


August 31st, 2017 by in Games, Projects

“A time long ago, a lone laser defense platform was our people’s last line of defense against a raging meteor storm. And now, the storm has come again — and this time, our enemies are taking advantage of it. Defend us, once more!”

As a life-long fan of Mattel’s amazing “Astrosmash” arcade shooter for the Intellivision, creating a remake of it has been something I’ve always started, but never finished. I have half-finished versions in C++, Flash, and more. When I finally settled on Unity for game development, I wanted to get this out of my system once and for all. And I wanted to create it from scratch, but try to stay somewhat faithful to the spirit of the original game.