I've been a professional software developer for over 15 years, and programming as a hobby since the mid-1980s.

I hail from the ancient text-based world of BBSing and IRC idling in the 90s, fostering a wide and varied life-long passion for computer programming and technology.

I use the 'Bytes Templar' name for my projects. It just makes me smirk. 😏

In my off hours I used to dabble in mobile and game development. I still do now and then, but nowadays I've been dipping my toes into information security (and hopefully hardware). While I've had a vague interest in these fields in the past, I'm finally starting to take the plunge and learn everything I can.

By day, I'm a software developer for Infinity Interactive, hacking away on whatever software platforms I'm called on to tackle. They're a talented group of developers and consultants who know tech inside and out! What problems can they solve for you? (Seriously, I love 'em.)