Gag Reflex

Ever kick yourself for realizing too late that the amazing article you've commented on, or shared with your friends, was actually... a joke? Tired of accidentally sharing an 'incredible' story from a website known for publishing exaggerated, or poorly researched click-bait?

Don't let your thick-headed fatuousness catch you off guard again!

The Gag Reflex extension for Google Chrome highlights articles on Facebook and Reddit from a regularly updated list of satirical and questionable news sources, such as ClickHole, The Onion, InfoWars and hundreds more!

Includes the ability to define your own groups. Groups, including those built-in, can be disabled. Don't want it to run on Reddit, but want to keep using it in Facebook? No problem. You can disable highlighting for each individual site.

NOTE: This software is no longer published or supported; it needs a new maintainer!